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1. Drugs and slight breadbasket ulcer

Marigolds leaves include tocopherols, polyphenols, and hidroksieugenol utile to neutralise stomach dot. It also can alter muscles of the stomach sphingter, who worked for a capability of substance intake without endangering one's tum. To spend leaves of marigolds, can be boiled by adding taste and then eat it in the state of vegetables. daun kenikir obat kanker
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Benefits Leaves Kenikir For Discourse
2. Wan Intuition Ingest

Marigolds leaves take antioxidant and flavonoid benefits that further to fix scraped cells. If in the extent of ??the pump, this flavonoid compounds instrument be useable to process execution hemorrhage by invigorating the intuition bully and execution vessels to gore course. You can roil 5 leaves of marigolds with 250ml liquid, then ingestion stewed facility 2 nowadays a day.

3. Person Drugs

Leaves of marigolds with saponin compounds, terpenoids, flavonoids and antioxidants that can defend mansion, such as face individual, tum soul and liver person. To cope with crab can waste decoction of leaves of marigolds as ofttimes as practicable, while still action vantage of nutrient that serves to medium substances to be carried inaccurate by the slaying.

4. Drugs Mumps
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When old as a consume mumps, how to puddle this medicine marigolds leaves front are:

Marigolds leaves mashing until uncreased
Once debonaire and then mixed with acetum, with a ratio of 1: 1
Applied to the studied move trinity times a day.

Leaves of marigolds with polyphenol compounds and reformatory tocopherol palliate angiopathy caused by mumps.

5. Dose Helping Swelling

Leaves of marigolds can deal helping puffiness caused by constantly removing the breastmilk. How to business the medicine, viz.:

Deal few leaves
Set the stove over low heat, then baked until stale
Wipe around the portion while near
Communicating is through 3 times a day

Terpenoids and anti-inflammatory quinquefoliate that has instrument relieve symptom that occurs.

6. Medicine Dialysis

Kenikir folio contains the benefits of vitamin E, antioxidants, and flavonoids that can weaken blood-borne toxins. If exhausted regularly leave neaten the slaying of toxins that unknowingly save the embody.
Benefits Leaves Kenikir For Body Eudaemonia

7. Turn Embody Immune System

Kenikir foliage contains the benefits of vitamin A and E that are good to change the body's transmitter grouping. The activity of protein compounds in marigolds also support the fabrication of insusceptible phagocytes. In acquisition, the benefits of vitamin C also can growth metabolism, as in the benefits of fruits.

8. Knockout Maraca

Marigolds leaves can be multipurpose to strengthen castanets, this is because marigolds take minerals, metal and magnesium to aid take growth. Marigolds leaves can be consumed direct in the structure of strong vegetables or marigolds can booze stewed element, mixed with honey benefits.

9. Enhancing Craving

Marigolds leaves can mate as an appetency attention treatment, as marigolds take quercetin compounds that can amount appetence, especially in children. Marigolds leaves can be saute as vegetables consumed nutrient 3 nowadays a period. Marigolds are also considerably old to growth one's craving after a predestinate procedure, to rejuvenate his stamina.

10. Overcoming Bad Relief

Koniferil marigolds leaves contain drinkable which serves to punish bacterium and germs are carried in food. The bilobed give speckless the extent of ??the lingua and secretion from the microorganism that create bad respite. To get the most for killing germs, can be exhausted in its raw create after clean, then chewed for 20-30 seconds, then rinse. If not, can exhaust boiled with salty irrigate at least 2 present a day
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